Maharashtra has over 50% of India's Covid deaths, cases

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 Rohit Shshodia
Over half of India’s corona cases and deaths have been recorded in Maharashtra in the past twenty hours. Cases in Kerala also continue to increase. The continuing cases and fatalities in Maharashtra have baffled many. Experts say that not following Covid appropriate behavior, arrival of new mutant strain and large gatherings have caused a corona surge in the Western state.

But if that is the reasoning, why have cases not spiked in West Bengal, Assam and Tamil Nadu where large election rallies are attracting huge crowds? Many in these rallies are roaming around without masks and not following Covid appropriate behavior.

In Bihar too, polls were held in the winter of 2020. Thousands gathered to listen to their leaders in poll meetings and did not follow Covid appropriate behavior. But the cases and deaths did not surge.

In Delhi, many farmers camped on different borders and they also did not follow Covid appropriate behavior. This did not bring a spike in corona cases and deaths in the national capital or in bordering areas.  

The cause of the surge in Maharashtra, thus, remains unexplained.  

According to the Indian health ministry, Maharashtra, Kerala, Punjab, Tamil Nadu, Gujarat and Karnataka continue to report an upsurge in daily new corona cases. Together, they account for 85.95% of the new cases reported in the past 24 hours.


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