No use of CT scan in mild Covid: Dr Guleria

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Cap: Delhi-AIIMS Director Dr Randeep Guleria

Rohit Shishodia

Delhi-AIIMS director Dr Randeep Guleria has stressed that there is no advantage of CT scan in mild Covid cases.

Dr Guleria pointed out that many patients rush to get CT scan as soon as they test Covid positive.
"It has been noted that many patients are rushing for CT scans which can be harmful and even cause cancer to youngsters at the later stage of their lives," said Dr Guleria in a health ministry press briefing on May 3,2021.
"If  you have mild Covid, there is no need to get CT scan done. There will be mild patches in lungs. It has been found in some studies that around 40% asymptomatic patients have some patches which cure without any treatment," he pointed out.
"Hence,  if you have mild illness and normal oxygen saturation there is no need for CT scan. You have to understand that if you get done one CT. It is equilent to 300 to 400 x-rays. CT can be done only if you have moderte illness and you are admitted in hospital," advised Dr Guleria.
Dr Guleria pointed out that like CT scans many patients are getting their blood tests done in mild cases which again are not necessary.
'Over treatment due to the reliance of bio-markers (blood tests) can cause problem," warned Dr Guleria.


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