MSN Labs signs license pact with DRDOfor 2 DG

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MSN Laboratories has signed a license agreement with Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO) for manufacturing, distribution and marketing of 2- Deoxy-D-Glucose (2-DG) in India.

MSN labs will be launching the 2 DG as a twice a day product in sachet form under the brand name MSN 2D in strength of 2.34 g.

Developed by DRDO, 2-DG was granted permission by the Drug Controller General of India for emergency use of this drug as adjunct therapy in moderate to severe Covid-19 patients.

As part of the Covid treatment range, MSN has already launched other anti-viral medications like Oseltamivir capsules under the brand name “Oselow’’; anti-Covid medications like Favipiravir under the brand name “Favilow”; Baricitinib under the brand name “Baridoz” and anti-fungal medication like Posaconazole under the brand name “Posaone”.
MSN is also conducting clinical trials with investigational drugs like Aviptadil on severe hospitalized patients and with Molnupiravir on mild and moderate Covid patients.



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