Hospitals & doctors are 2 sides of a coin, one can't function without other: Mandaviya

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Health Minister Mansukh Mandaviya

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The Indian Health Minister Mansukh Mandaviya on September 16, 2021 inaugurated patient-centric facilities at the Safdarjung Hospital in the national capital and said hospitals and doctors are the two sides of the same coin and one cannot function without the other.

He also stated that healthcare workers enjoy tremendous respect in society and their commitment to protect people from the deadly coronavirus has vastly increased this respect.

A health ministry’s statement said that the health minister inaugurated a child abuse care and elder abuse care centre in the Safdarjung Hospital’s New Block, the third PM-CARES pressure swing adsorption oxygen plant of capacity 1 MT there and a new makeshift health facility on the hospital’s premises.

It added that on the occasion the health minister also released a booklet ‘Quality ki Baat’ and presented the hospital with its entry-level NABH accreditation certificate.

“Hospitals and doctors are two sides of the same coin. One cannot function without the other. Doctors may not realise this because of their dedication and focus on their work but they enjoy tremendous respect in society. Their commitment in protecting us from the coronavirus has vastly increased this respect. The hospital should be a natural extension of this ethos,” Mandaviya said.

While citing his recent unannounced visit to a hospital, Mandaviya pointed out that there was room for improvement in easing the burden of patients and their relatives coming to the hospital, the statement said.

The statement further added that he linked it to the broader point of reforming the system to fulfill Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision of a New India.

Mandaviya urged “doctors to defocus from the point of view of the individual and view the functioning of the entire hospital as a team so that the functioning of the hospital can be made seamless.”


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