Study finds COVID19 symptoms persists even after one year of severe infection

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A recent study published in the journal Nature indicates that four out of ten patients with severe COVID19 infections still have symptoms more than a year after being hospitalised.

As many as 79 of the 200 patients who were hospitalised with severe covid19 infections reported at least one symptom such as cough, difficulty in breathing, distortion of the sense of taste, loss of the sense of smell, the pain of joints & muscles, thinning of hair and fatigue, they stated.

The pain of bone joints and muscles was the most common occurrence among  21.9% of the patients, followed by fatigue in 15.4%, cough in 11.2%, loss of the sense of smell 9.7%, difficulty in breathing in 8.1% and distortion of the sense of taste in 6.6%.

Interestingly 71 patients complained of the development of male pattern baldness after one year of the onset of infections, the researchers of the study further reported.

The study reported that 84 patients had symptoms of Post Traumatic Syndrome (PTS).

The incidences of mild PTS were reported by 48 patients, while 24 and 13 patients reported moderate and severe symptoms the researchers said.
“Symptoms of COVID19 may persist up to 12 months after hospital discharge as a consequence of both mental stress and organ damage. Altered respiratory function secondary to radiologically proven structural lung damage and mental health sequelae persist over time in a significant proportion of patients,” the researchers of the study concluded.



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