MedLern, Shree Bhavani Group tie up to provide high-quality CPR skills for nurses in India

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Bangaluru based MedLern, a digital learning solution for hospitals and healthcare professionals has recently announced that it has partnered with the Shree Bhavani Group of Institutions to provide resuscitation training to nursing students in the country.

Under the terms of the agreement, signed between Co-founder and CEO, MedLern, Deepak Sharma with Dr Shree Harsha -chairman, Shree Bhavani Group of Institutions the lateer  will adopt a CPR programme called HeartCode Complete, a resuscitation programme, co-developed by the American Heart Association (AHA) and Laerdal Medical technology, for training their nursing students in BLS.

The instructorless resuscitation training program will empower the student, enhance their life saving skills and provide better patient delivery in future, the companies said in a statement released recently.

Dr Shree Harsha, Chairman, Shree Bhavani Group of Institutions said, “Our aim has always been to provide quality nursing education and training to young aspirants of India that would address the growing demands worldwide.”

“The program has been developed keeping in mind the diverse needs of nursing students. They will not only be able to upskill themselves as per global standard but also reduce the operational cost of physical training and optimise time and resources. This will also allow our students to keep up with the latest evidence, guidelines and best practice across the globe. It will support them in their transition from campus to professional roles and they will able to make a huge difference in a hospital’s ability when dealing with critical care and emergency,” he added.

The online instructor-less programme, which is divided into two parts comprising cognitive and skills session parts uses a simulation platform, which allows the participants to take instruction even while on the move, the statement added.

Deepak Sharma, Co-Founder  and  CEO of MedLern said, “This program will reduce administration and instructor expenses while eliminating material fees for the institute. MedLern has been upskilling healthcare professionals by leveraging technology till now but with this collaboration, we will be empowering the nursing students and preparing them to deal with increasingly complex patient care needs and navigate through a constantly shifting healthcare environment.”

Stating that the students are being provided with such training at the right stage of their career, the MedLern CEO added, “Without effective education, many healthcare providers struggle to consistently apply the evidence-based management of cardiac arrest when put in critical and emergency care.”


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