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Jaypee Doctors Remove Damaged Rectum, Pull Down Intestine for Excretion

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 23- year-old Osmah Mohammad got a new lease of life at Jaypee Hospital, NOIDA, where a team of doctors from Gastro Intestinal and Hepatopancreaticobiliary surgery department have successfully performed a critical surgery on him.

The patient is from Yemen and his life became miserable after he was injured in a bomb blast two years ago. His urinary bladder and rectum got badly ruptured. He received multiple injuries including rectal wall injury at midrectum, bladder trigone injury, pelvic fracture with left sciatic nerve injury. After multiple surgeries such as Hartmans colostomy, bladder injury repair and the treatment of rectal fistula (three times) in Yemen, Oman and Iran, Osmah finally came to India to get his surgery done. The surgery at Jaypee Hospital was performed by Dr. Rajesh Kapoor and his team.

A Jaypee Hospital press release informs that before coming to Jaypee Hospital the patient had undergone several surgeries in Yemen, Oman and Iran. In Yemen, the problem in his urinary bladder was corrected but rectum perforation couldn’t be taken care of. Doctors created Diversion Colostomy for passage of stool in a bag, but the rectum perforation persisted and the patient was asked to live with artificial stool passage.

“In order to correct this, we performed Residual Proctectomy Coloanal Pull Through & Diverting Ileostomy Surgery on him. In this surgery, Osmah’s rectum was removed and his large intestine was pulled down from its actual place to create a normal passage for excretion,” states Dr. Rajesh Kapoor, Director, GI & Hepatopancreaticobiliary surgery department, as per the release.

After coming to India, Osmah went to a hospital in Bangalore. The doctors admitted him but later refused to perform the surgery after seeing the complexity of his case. When he came to Jaypee Hospital, he was in a very bad situation. Even after continuous efforts of the doctors to make him understand that he can permanently get rid of his problem, it was hard for the patient to believe as many doctors had said the same thing and the patient had already undergone several surgeries in other countries but none was able to treat it completely.

The patient thanked the doctor and his team for the successful surgery.

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