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Vadodara dentist invents push button denture

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Navdeep Nandre

 What does a dentist do when he has to cast a denture on a patient who can not open his or her mouth? The difficulty in opening the mouth fully for the denture to be cast can happen to those who excessively chew tobacco or those who have had surgery for oral cancer.

Dr Kinnar Desai, a dentist who has for long practiced in Vadodara and hails from Dahod, decided to invent a denture that could be cast in patients who can not open their mouth fully. He created a denture in four parts, two of which are placed on the lower part, and two on the upper part. These four parts are connected with push buttons. Since each part is one-fourth the size of the entire denture, the dentist is able to cast it in the patient's mouth part by part.

The idea for creating such a denture struck Dr Desai when he saw his assistant wearing a push button shirt one day.

Dr Desai has already won an award for his invention. He intends to further improve his push-button-denture by doing away with the requirement of dental adhesive. After that, he will apply for patenting his invention, as per reports.

The push button denture is far less expensive than the laser treatment which is advised to patients who find it difficult to open their mouth.

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