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Gorakhpur doctor kills ex-wife, then keeps her alive on social media

Rakhi, a resident of Bichhiya, Gorakhpur
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DTMT Network
GORAKHPUR: A renowned surgeon from Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh, allegedly murdered his ex-wife Rakhi Srivastava by pushing her off the cliff at Pokhra in Nepal but kept her alive for seven months on the social media.

Surgeon Dr Dharmendra Pratap Singh, who runs a nursing home in Gorakhpur, kept updating her social media account before the case opened up.

The surgeon and his two alleged accomplices in the murder, Pramod Kumar Singh and Deshdeepak Nishad, were arrested from Gorakhpur’s Daudpur area and sent to jail.
Victim Rakhi, a resident of Bichhiya in Gorakhpur, married Dr. Singh in 2011, an already married man, after they developed relationship when Rakhi brought her ailing father to him for treatment in 2006.

After Rakhi went missing in June 2018, her family filed a police complaint against her second husband Manish Sinha who was brought in for questioning.

The police probe found that Rakhi had gone to Nepal along with Sinha on June 1 but never returned while Sinha came back.

During her visit to Nepal, Dr Singh was also present there. Inquiry revealed that Dr Singh and his two aides went to meet Rakhi in Pokhra after Manish came back to India.

STF IG Amitabh Yash said, “We arrested the Gorakhpur doctor and his two aides for killing Rakhi.”


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