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Action, awareness can ensure women's health: Experts

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Prof DS Rana

 Rohit Shishodia
Healthcare industry experts have stressed that a lot more needs to be done for providing better healthcare to women in India. They have emphasized that the health of women in rural areas of the country is still neglected due to lack of awareness and less importance being given to girls. They point out that the government is taking steps to ensure better healthcare for women, but it is not enough.

Ms Mohini Daljeet Singh, Founder-CEO, Max India Foundation, said that women’s health has become totally neglected or has been thrown into a corner in spite of the fact that it is a vital issue. If the women are not well, they will not be able to take care of their family members.

“Women need to be aware of their diet, cleanness, vaccination, sanitation and screening for non-communicable diseases. They are required to be educated about preventive measures. Her self esteem has to be maintained in homes. She should feel herself an integral part of the family which is not happening enough,” said Ms Singh.  

Speaking at an Assocham Women’s Health Conference in New Delhi, Prof DS Rana, Chairman, Assocham Wellness Council and Chairman, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, Delhi, said that the economy depends on the health of women. He added that women are more prone to diseases like malignancy and carsimona cervices.

“Therefore, there is a lot more to be done for women's healthcare. Even today, in many rural parts of the country girls are denied education. Awareness can tackle this situation,” added Dr Rana.

Ms Subhalakshmi Nandi, Deputy Regional Director-Asia, International Centre for Research on Women, said that one in three women face violence in homes across the world, which badly affects their mental health. They also face a lot of mental health problems in work places. This requires intervention, she said.

Ms Niira Radia, Promoter and Chairperson, Nayati Healthcare, said that males in rural hinterland require to be sensitive towards women’s health and their value.

Ms Radia said she experienced in her hospital that family members or women themselves do not recognize the importance of a baby girl. When the baby girl is born, her mother says that she is the third baby girl and what would she do with her. Baby girls are given tea instead of milk. This mentality of even the women needs to be changed, said Ms Radia.


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