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Dengue patients with good support and fluids can recover: Prof Guleria

Randeep Guleria
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Prof Randeep Guleria, Prof Ashutosh Biswas and Prof Aarti Vij

Rohit Shishodia
With reports of dengue cases already coming from different parts of the country, the doctors of Delhi-AIIMS have emphasized prevention strategies to avert dengue outbreak.

Addressing the press on National Dengue Day, Prof Ashutosh Biswas from the Department of Medicine, Delhi-AIIMS, informed that at present more than 4000 cases and four deaths due to dengue have been reported across the country.

“Controlling mosquito breeding is required to prevent dengue. Any water collected in the house must be changed within one week so that mosquitoes cannot breed. Early detection is more important to prevent dengue. AIIMS being a tertiary care centre, patients are referred in the last stages,”said Dr Biswas.

Prof. Randeep Guleria, Director, Delhi-AIIMS, said that there is no specific anti-viral drug that can be said to be effective to treat dengue. At present, there is only supportive treatment for dengue. If there is good supportive treatment with early diagnosis, doctors can decrease the mortality significantly.

“If you provide good support with fluids in critical phase of dengue, person will recover on his own between 48 and 72 hours. Sometimes people come late because their treatment is not managed properly and they go into shock. This leads to mortality. One should pick up the early signs and symptoms of dengue,” explained Prof Guleria.

Prof Guleria said that there is no need to panic as majority of people will have mild dengue with fever and headache. They can be treated with paracitamol and water. People having symptoms such as vomiting, severe pain, sudden low blood pressure, abdomen pain and bleeding spots need to be treated, admitted and managed early rather than late.


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