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Mumbai: Kiran Medical Systems launches lightweight Radiation Protection Aprons

ZeroLead Air
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ZeroLead Air

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Mumbai-based Kiran Medical Systems, the radiology division of Trivitron Healthcare, has launched ZeroLead Air Series of radiation protection aprons using cutting edge Micro-particle Technology.

Healthcare providers wear radiation protection aprons during most medical procedures involving ionizing radiation which protect them from the damaging effects of ionizing radiation generated by X-ray systems, C-Arm systems, Cathlabs, Fluoroscopy Systems and CT.

One major issue that affects healthcare providers is the weight of the aprons as they have to wear them throughout the day. It affects the general comfort and puts a lot of strain on the joints during long procedures.

Kiran Medical Systems has been developing light weight aprons over the years using novel core material technologies. ZeroLead Air are 10% lighter than existing ZeroLead Aprons, without compromising the radiation attenuation levels. The use of novel plasticizers ensures that the Aprons offer a soft and supple feel, further enhancing the comfort.

Mr. Satyaki Banerjee, CEO, Kiran Medical Systems, said that ZeroLead Air is the culmination of four decades of experience in radiation protection and would be a global benchmark for a good period of time to come.


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