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Doctors call for battle against National Medical Commission

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Doctors across the country are planning a mass agitation against the National Medical Commission bill, which, they say, would crush the dream of students to become doctors.

Dr Harjit Singh Bhatti, president of youth wing of Indian Medical Association, said, “All those who are pursuing MBBS, or willing to join MBBS, or preparing for PG, Government of India is changing its policies for MBBS and PG seats. They are bringing a bill named NMC whose only two clauses are enough to crush your dreams to become a doctor.”

"National Exit Test (NEXT) is a common final year exam of all 500 medical colleges, both public and private, including AIIMS. On the basis of final year exams, you will get PG seat. There is lots of confusion regarding NEXT whether it will take place multiple times in a year or single time and what about repeaters or those who didn’t got good marks in the first attempt and whether they have to give practical exams again and whether all subjects will be evaluated or only final year subjects," Dr Bhatti said.

Dr Bhatti said, “Common final year exam is still OK, but combining that exam with PG is totally unjustified. There are many students who give repeated attempts to join PG of their choice. Why force them to face final year practical exams again and again. And undermining the value of 1st, 2nd and 3rd year subjects are also not appropriate.”

He stated, “Foreign graduates will also have to give final year exam to get license but where will they give the exam and with which university or colleges and why increase burden on those colleges?”

"We know India is not corruption free and when a single exam gives you license to practice and PG then this will open a market of corruption to crorepatis who will fix rates, set their internals and get good marks and finally good seat in PG.  Because even if theory exam is common but practicals will be taken by individual colleges. And we know how ethically many of the private colleges operate in India. Overall, it will be huge loss for hardworking and meritorious students and the one with huge money and power will do PG in good branches," he said.


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