Pharmaceutical companies in India
Pharmaceutical companies in India

Indian company develops test to identify drug-resistant TB mutation

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Dr VL Ramprasad with other experts at a press conference

BENGALURU : MedGenome Labs, a genetic diagnostic and drug discovery research firm, has claimed to have developed the first whole genomic sequencing-based test to detect drug-resistant mutation in tuberculosis (TB) bacteria.

"The breakthrough will enable a doctor to quickly and accurately prescribe the most effective drug to a TB patient without a trial and error process followed currently that takes a month," said MedGenome Labs in a statement.

The test is based on whole genome sequencing of mycobacterium TB (MTB), the TB causing bacteria, to assess the mutations in bacteria’s genome and allows a doctor to determine which drugs will work for a patient.

"India has the largest number of MDR-TB cases. SPIT SEQ can be a boon for TB patients, doctors and healthcare agencies to achieve the sustainable development goal of eliminating TB by 2025," Lab's Chief Operating Officer V.L. Ramprasad said.

He said, “The test is a massive breakthrough that can help millions. This particular test not only brings accurate results but also saves a lot of time where TB treatment is concerned. In line with India’s objective to counter TB effectively and quickly, we aim to benefit the last person with TB.”

“The technology reveals information on drug resistance mutations for all anti TB drugs in a matter of 10 days. Soon, this test will help in optimizing the precise management of an MDR-TB patient”, says Dr Camilla Rodriques from P D Hinduja Hospital, Mumbai.


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