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Bengaluru: Timely liver transplantation saves man's life

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Timely transplantation of liver donated by a brain dead person gave a new lease of life to Anil, 53, who was suffering from chronic liver disease and was on the verge of death. Anil, who had given up all hope to survive, recently had a liver transplantation surgery in Bengaluru’s Sakra World Hospital (SWH).

The liver transplantation could only be possible through active participation of SWH and Karnataka Government. SWH received a notification of a liver that could be donated from a nearby city hospital. This surgery also marked the first-ever transplantation performed at SWH.

Anil was suffering from jaundice with refractory ascites (swelling of abdomen due to accumulation of fluid that recurs rapidly in a few days despite removal) and was recovering from hepatorenal syndrome (kidney failure often seen in people with liver disease).

A team of doctors and nurses from SWH retrieved the liver from the nearby hospital. The transplantation was performed by Dr Kishore GSB and Dr Sadiq Sikora, Institute of Digestive & Hepato Pancreato Biliary Sciences, Liver Transplantation, SWH.

Post implantation and reperfusion (restoration of blood flow), the new liver started functioning. Anil recovered smoothly and was discharged in the fourth week of the transplant surgery. Since then, he has continued his regular life and work and has resumed his role of being an active earning member of the family. He remains well and is on regular follow up.

Dr Kishore GSB said: “If you believe in life, one last great act of kindness can help a fellow human live his/her life to the full. If you are thinking of pledging to donate your organs, talk to your family members to make an informed decision on donating your organs after death.”


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