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Manish Sisodia wants Delhi's pharma students to focus on R&D

Manish Sisodia
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Manish Sisodia speaking at Delhi Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research University

The Deputy chief minister and education minister of Delhi, Manish Sisodia, has said “Today despite all the resources in the country, we lag behind in the pharmaceutical sector. The country is placed fifth from the bottom in the pharma research sector. If we wish, we can bring this country into the list of the top five nations of the world.”

Speaking at an orientation programme of the Delhi Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research University (DPSRU), Pushp Vihar, Delhi, Mr Sisodia said, “As the Education Minister of Delhi, as a politician and as a citizen of this country, I want all of you to work as a team to fulfill this dream.”

Delhi's Deputy CM said, “This is the reason DPSRU is a top priority for the Delhi government. In 2015, I pushed for this university to start soon so that research can be done here and the country can also go a few steps forward. It is a matter of great pride that this is the first such pharma research university in India.”

“The question of how many students graduated, how many toppers came out of this university, how many students got employment and for what package – these are moot questions. The real achievement is in how many pharma research products have come out of this university.”

The DPSRU was the first of its kind pharmaceutical research university in the country when it was launched by the Delhi government in 2015. The Delhi Assembly had enacted the law to establish this University in 2008, but the university was established only in 2015.


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