Sister's kidney saves brother when earlier transplanted kidney failed

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Patient Kiran Pandey with his sister Shraddha Awalegaonkar

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61-year-old Kiran Pandey got a new lease of life after he was successfully transplanted kidney donated by his sister in Mumbai’s Global Hospital. This was the second time when Pandey had a kidney transplant. In the year 2005, his wife donated one of her kidneys to him and saved his life but that kidney failed after all these years.

Dr. Bharat Shah, Director, Institute of Renal Sciences, Global Hospital, Mumbai, said: “When the patient first came for consultation, he had severe loose motions for many months and worsening function of his earlier transplanted kidney. We realized that one of the medicines that he was taking was the main culprit behind his diarrhea.”

Dr Shah added that this medicine, Mycophenolate Mofetil was changed to Azathioprine, and the problem was solved. However, his transplanted kidney's functions gradually declined and he needed another transplant.”

The patient’s two sisters came forward to donate their kidneys and to save their brother’s life. One sister came from Dubai to get examined and be a donor.

Both the sisters' blood groups were different. After evaluation, it was decided to accept the kidney of the sister whose tissue type was matching 100% with Kiran. Pandey’s blood group is O+ and his sister Shraddha Awalegaonkar’s (65) is AB+.

Even though their blood group was not matching, Global Hospital has enough experience with blood group incompatible transplants and went ahead with the transplant after desensitization procedure (removal of antibodies to donor’s blood group) which is required to be performed before doing a blood group incompatible transplant.


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