Most MRI, CT Scan Centers unable to evaluate heart diseases

Dr TBS Buxi
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Dr TBS Buxi explaining importance of cardiac imaging

Around 150 doctors from across the country gathered at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, New Delhi, for an educational event on cardiac imaging, the hospital has said in a statement.

Prof Scott Flamm, head of cardiovascular imaging in Cleveland Clinic's division of Radiology, Ohio, in the US, was the chief guest and key speaker. Doctors from hospitals such as the AIIMS, Jaslok Hospital, Narayana Hridayalaya and Jayadeva hospital, Bengaluru, along with the senior faculty from Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, were present.

“There has been a mushrooming of MRI and CT scan centres all over India but less than 2-3 per cent are able to conduct evaluation of heart diseases. This update will help in bridging this gap so that the treating doctors and ultimately the patients and society will benefit," said Dr TBS Buxi, chairman, Department of CT and MRI at the hospital.

He stated, “Imaging modality like multi-detector CT is a way to see the vessels of the heart by putting a small needle into the vein of the arm, just like getting a saline drip, and then checking the vessels of the heart for blockages and the lungs of the children with heart defects.”

MRI is another such imaging modality which detects the condition of the muscles of the heart and beating heart as well. Decoding the information provided by these machines requires training, skill and expertise, Dr Buxi added.


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