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Delhi: No salary for months to Marshals in LNJP hospital

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The 48 recently-appointed marshals in the Delhi Government run Lok Nayak Hospital in Delhi are very upset and protesting over the non-payment of their salaries for months.

“Since our appointment in this hospital, we have not received our salary at all,” said a marshal who is responsible for emergency ward security in the hospital.

He said, “We had even moved the medical director, Dr Kishore Singh, and the government, to release our salary as soon as possible.”

“We are suffering, our family, children are suffering, we are unable to pay our children's school fees,” said another marshal on duty on the main gate of the hospital.

The Delhi government in July has appointed the 48 Marshals in Lok Nayak Hospital to ensure security of doctors.

The decision came after doctors at the Lok Nayak hospital went on strike over the assault on a medical student by a patient's attendant.


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