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Whole seller, Retailer of drugs to face action from Authority if Rule 65 violated

 “We are interested to know your legal opinion on Drug Rule 65 (19) and Rule 61 of Drug and Cosmetics Act 1940, Rules 1945. On rule 61, my opinion is all licenses form 20 21 20a 21a and 20b 21b are restricted category. Please give your valuable opinion on these rules.”


Drug Authority
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Drug Authority Can Interview for Giving License

 “Under which clause of Drugs and Cosmetics Act does Drug Authority get power to interview a manufacturer who eeks approval of newly manufactured injectibles, tablets, capsules, ointment,etc.


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Doctor Can be Punished for Selling Medicines to Public

  Query: "According to Drugs and Cosmetics Act, can a doctor who has a private practice, have a pharmacy shop in the premises where he practices? If not, then what are the punishments for a doctor if he does so?”


Genuine Drug Manufacturer
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Genuine Drug Manufacturer Can Protect Himself From Fake Manufacturers

 “To make more profit some stockists/ retailers sell sub-standard drugs produced by some fake manufacturer, with same packaging and batch no. as on genuine drugs manufactured by an identified manufacturer.


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Drugs Can't be Packed in Unlicensed Premises of Others

  Query: “Can Packing of drugs be outsourced? Can manufactured drugs be packed in some other facility?”


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Doctors and RMPs Can Not Sell Drugs to Public

Query: “Some doctors have their private clinic along with a small chemist shop in their own premises. They generally don’t have true pharmacists to distribute the medicines. Is it legal to keep the medicines in bulk without drug license? If yes, what should be the limit of the stock and type of the medicines which can be stored without drug license?”


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