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Rules for sale of drugs, Doc with medical store and hiring pharmacist

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Query: What is the minimum qualification to open medical store? Can a doctor operate medical store along with his clinic? Can a registered pharmacist forward his registration to another person?

Is there any compulsion to present a registered pharmacist at the counter of medical store and how many persons are required to run a medical store?

According to Drugs & Cosmetics Act 1940 and Drugs and Cosmetics Rules 1945, there is no need of any qualification or minimum qualification to open a medical store. Even an illiterate person can open a medical store. But, if he wants to sell drugs on wholesale basis, he has to appoint a competent person with a minimum qualification of high school with four years experience in sale of drugs or a person who is a graduate with one year experience in sale of drugs.

If any person wants to sell drugs on retail basis, he has to appoint a qualified person/registered pharmacist with a qualification of D Pharma or B Pharma as the case may be. At the time of the sale of the drugs the presence of the competent person/qualified person/registered pharmacist is a must on the counter.

There is no minimum or maximum limit for qualification to run a medical store or wholesale business of sale of drugs, only competent person/qualified person/registered pharmacist is essential for the business of sale of the drugs in wholesale or in retail.

A qualified person or a registered pharmacist has no right to forward his registration to any other person. A competent/qualified person/registered pharmacist can act only on one place at one time. He has no authority to give his name to more than one medical stores or wholesale counters.

A Doctor cannot operate a medical store with his clinic. Doctors/Registered Medical Practitioners have no right to sell drugs to the General Public/Outer Patients from his clinic. Doctors/Registered Medical Practitioners can only dispense the medicine to his patients by himself or through a qualified compounder or Registered Pharmacist as per Drugs & Cosmetics Rules 1945.

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