Doc slaps patient's kin, minister orders suspension

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Haryana Health Minister Anil Vij

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Haryana Health Minister Anil Vij has ordered the suspension of a doctor at Jind Civil Hospital for slapping a person who came for treatment of his 25-days-old baby suffering from pneumonia.

In a video that has gone viral on social media, the desperate father and mother are pleading for first aid to their son but the doctor is heard saying that he has given nebulizer as first aid. The father is saying that nebulizer is not enough to treat his son and then the doctor asks the father whether he should advise what should be given as treatment.  

In the video, the doctor wants to send the baby to another hospital for treatment as the pediatrician is not available in the emergency. The doctor had earlier sent the baby to the nursery ward for treatment but that too did not have the required facility to treat the baby.

The father of the baby says that he is an employee of the hospital and the doctor is also an employee of the hospital. He is imploring the doctor that he should give in writing that the hospital does not have the facility to treat his baby. This did not go down well with the doctor and he wanted to remove the patient from the emergency. He told the father that he should tone down his voice while talking to a doctor.

The doctor is explaining to the father of the baby that he has dialed two times to the PDS (apparently pediatrics)  but they did not respond to the phone calls. The father asked the doctor to reveal the names of the doctors who were absent and did not reply to his calls. Meanwhile, amid the heated argument, the doctor slapped the father.

The matter came to the notice of health minister Vij. He ordered suspension of the doctor and departmental inquiry in the case.


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