Pharmaceutical companies in India
Pharmaceutical companies in India

Mathura: Docs spread info on joint replacement surgery

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Dr Rakesh Gupta and Dr Sujoy Bhattacharji

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To highlight the benefits of joint replacement surgery and the improved quality of life of patients facing severe pain due to joint problems, Sarvodaya Hospital, Mathura, organised a patient-centric mass awareness session.

The session highlighted cases of patients who successfully underwent 3D and Computer Navigated Bilateral Hip replacement surgery and are now able to walk again without any complications. These patients, who once thought that they would have to spend the rest of their lives on bed, are now very happy.

The minimally invasive techniques have meant a shorter discharge time with negligible pain, said Dr Rakesh Gupta, Chairman, Sarvodaya Hospital.

He said, “This also enables a shorter hospital stay with speedy recovery and greater patient satisfaction. Advanced surgical procedures made them pain free and completely transformed their lifestyles.”

Patients find their new joints similar to being normal due to the preservation of ligament with normal knee stability, he added.

“In those patients, where the condition is very severe and who do not respond well to non-operative methods, minimally invasive joint replacement surgery, including hip replacement and total knee replacements, are a big relief which brings them back to normal daily life,” said Dr Sujoy Bhattacharji, Director, Sarvodaya Hospital and Research Center.


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