Safdarjung-Delhi: Doctors demand rooms in hospital, canteen facility

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Resident doctors with VMMC principal Prof (Dr) Shaji Thomas

Rohit Shishodia
Resident doctors of Safdarjung Hospital, Delhi, have expressed their concern over lack of residential facilities on the hospital premises. They complained that not having an accommodation in the hospital affects their work as they are on duty doctors and called to the hospital to examine patients at any time of the day or night.

The doctors said that they stay in colonies near the hospital, such as Gautam Nagar and Arjun Nagar, which are overpriced and congested. They said that they have to see patients quickly but the distance they must cover to reach the hospital takes time and impacts their work. They, however, said that they can come to the hospital anytime despite the odds, but female doctors are scared to come to the hospital at night.

Dr Joytpul Biswas, Member, RDA-Safdarjung Hospital, told DTMT: “There are 1700 resident doctors in the hospital. Only 86 out of the 1700 can reside in the hostel on the hospital premises. The rest of the doctors have to stay in rented accommodation outside the hospital, which are overpriced and not fit to live. We receive calls to see patients an night, but at night there is the issue of security. We endanger our lives when we come to the hospital at night. Female doctors feel particularly unsafe.”

Dr Biswas added that the problem of residential facilities is an old problem which got bigger as the number of resident doctors increased but the number of hostel rooms remained limited.

“We, as the RDA, have raised this issue from time to time and this issue is pending with hospital administration and union health ministry. We hope this problem will have a solution and upcoming generation of doctors will get residential facilities in the hospital,” he explained.

Dr Biswas said that another problem that they face is lack of a canteen in the Vardhman Mahavir Medical College (VMMC), which is associated with the Safdarjung Hospital.

“This is also a concern for the doctors as the hospital canteen remains overcrowded during peak hours. We have demanded a canteen in the college. The college principal has assured that the demand will be fulfilled soon,” he explained.


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