Hyderabad: Police rescue doc who tried self-immolation

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The Hyderabad police's timely intervention saved the life of a doctor who was trying to immolate himself over being put off-duty in a hospital due to alleged misconduct. The doctor, who works in the medicine department of the Gandhi Hospital in Hyderabad, came with two bottles of petrol and attempted self-immolation.

A video that has gone viral on the internet shows the doctor with bottles of petrol while a policeman is folding his hands and pleading with him not to set himself afire. The doctor, Dr Vasanth, told the media that he has been elected as General Secretary of Telangana Government Doctors Association. "How will they surrender my duty back to the government?" he asked.

“I have asked the Superintendent to shift the Corona Virus desk from the casualty because the suspected Corona Virus cases are directly coming into the casualty ward,” he added.

The doctor did not get any injury and was successfully rescued by the police.


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