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IRDAI to insurers: Include telemedicine in health cover

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In a bid to offer some relief to policyholders, the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) has asked all insurers to allow telemedicine consultation in the terms and conditions of the policy contract.

In a circular, the regulator has advised insurers to allow telemedicine wherever consultation with a medical practitioner is allowed in the terms and conditions of policy contract.

“Provision of allowing telemedicine shall be part of  claim settlement of policy of the insurers and need not be filed separately with the authority for any modification,” the circular reads.

“However, the norms of sub-limits, monthly or annual limits, which are specific to a policy, will apply to telemedicine claims as well,” it added.

This move brings relief to all policy holders who may prefer to consult medical practitioners online or telephonically to avoid coronavirus infection.


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