IMA to slap notice on pharma company over Covid drug

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Dr Rajan Sharma

The Indian Medical Association (IMA) has decided to issue a show cause notice to Hyderabad-based pharma company MSN Laboratories over the use of the association’s identity to promote the pharma firm’s Covid-19 drug, Favilow.

For promotion of its Covid-19 drug ‘Favilow’ (Favipiravir), the company has mentioned ‘with active support of IMA’ in its marketing literature.

In a statement, Dr Rajan Sharma, National President, IMA, said, “We strongly deny our partnership with the MSN Laboratories. We have received a proposal from the company offering their Favilow drug free of cost to our Covid-19 affected frontline healthcare workers. However, based on internal discussions amongst the association’s ethics committee members, we refused the company’s proposal and communicated it to them as well.”

“In the last few months, we have received so many such proposals from hand sanitiser manufacturers, but we refused to give our support to them as well,” Dr Sharma clarified.

“We do not even have the study data of the MSN Laboratories’ brand then how can we assure the quality of the drug. Therefore, we are going to issue a show cause notice to the company,” Dr Sharma said.


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