Karnataka issues norms for use of Remdesivir injections

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Following apprehensions of Remdesivir injections' misuse, Karnataka's Commissionerate of Health and Family Welfare Service has regulated the use of the drug on Covid-19 patients referred by government hospitals to private medical centres.

"The state has initiated all possible steps and beyond to prevent the deaths of patients suffering from coronavirus disease, admitted and treated as government referred cases in recognised and KPME registered private hospitals and the government facilities," reads a statement from Karnataka's Commissionerate of Health & Family Welfare Service.

“The state is providing the vital Remdesivir injection free of cost for the treatment of serious and very serious Covid in-patients at the discretion and decision of the treating doctor,” it said.

In the case of government patients admitted to private hospitals, a similar procedure mentioned above shall be followed and the patients so treated shall not be charged for payment either directly or indirectly or through any ancillary means. The SAST shall do necessary follow up for implementing this, it reads.

"On an average each severely sick COVID-19 in-patient may require six Remdesivir injection vials for completion of the treatment. Some acute and unfortunate patients may not be in a position to complete the five-day regimen of the antiviral Remdesivir injection resulting in spending less than the average number of vials of Remdesivir," it said.


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