5-year-old recovers from deadly snake bite

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Dr. Chetan Ginigeri examining Nischit

Five-year-old Nischit, who had slipped into coma and complete paralysis due to a deadly snake bite and was fighting for his life, was given a new lease of life through the efforts of doctors at Aster CMI hospital, Bengaluru, and with the funds raised by a crowd-funding platform.

Nischit, who hails from a village in Adichunchanagiri, had stepped on a Krait snake while opening the door of his house late one evening, and the snake bit him.

His family rushed him to the Aster CMI Hospital.

Nischit was administered anti-snake venom and medicines to reverse the paralysis. He was on long term Ventilatory support and underwent Tracheostomy - an artificial tube surgically pinned to his windpipe to allow proper breathing - the hospital said in a statement.

The child regained consciousness after 7 days and started showing flickers of movement in the distal muscle groups of hands and feet. He eventually broke out of his paralysis but the recovery of breathing muscles took another 2 weeks, the statement informed.

Despite the poor economic condition of the family, they somehow managed to pay Rs. 2 lakh for the treatment of the child and still had a pending balance of Rs 4 lakh.

This is when Aster CMI hospital, in collaboration with a crowd-funding platform, came forward to raise the additional funds for Nischit’s treatment and played a vital role in saving his life.  

After staying for close to 20 days in PICU and with further medication, the child started responding to the treatment and by the third week was taken off the ventilator and was able to stand and walk, the hospital stated.

Dr. Chetan Ginigeri, Consultant, said: “By the time the child presented to us, he was very sick. He was in a coma with complete paralysis. He required complete respiratory and other organ support along with nutritional rehabilitation to allow a very slow yet complete recovery.”

“It was very difficult for us to ensure his survival. We are glad that with our conscious effort we were able to save his life,” Dr Ginigeri stated.


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