ICMR lauds lockdown's effectiveness in India

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Dr Balram Bhargava addressing the press

The Director General of the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), Dr Balram Bhargava, has hailed the very effective lockdown for India not experiencing a “huge peak” as some of the European countries.

Dr Bhargava said at a press conference that corona reinfection was “very, very rare”, but it can happen as had been seen in a case in Hong Kong.

He, however, said it is not a matter of serious concern.

The ICMR chief said, “If you look at the countries of Europe and the United States, they had a peak and then they came down and during that peak whether it was Spain, the UK or Sweden or Italy, there were a huge number of mortalities. Then there was a peak which came down and then they had a second wave which is recently occurring in those countries.”


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