Delhi: Docs strike work after colleagues brutally assaulted

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Doctors who were assaulted at Dr Hedgewar Hospital.

 Rohit Shishodia
All resident doctors of Dr Hegdewar Chikitsa Sansthaan in Delhi have gone on flash strike and halted emergency and routine services after attacks on four resident doctors and a security guard on February 16, 2021.

The doctors have blamed a group of advocates for the attack. One doctor has got severe head injuries and is said to be in a critical condition while another doctor has got a fracture. Two other  doctors have also sustained injuries in the assault. The security guard has been attacked on his chest. All of them are getting treatment at Dr Hedgewar hospital.

The sudden strike has resulted in huge problems for patients who depend for free care on this hospital. The hospital provides treatment to a large population of Shahdara, Krishna Nagar, Karkaruma and Khoda (Ghaziabad) UP.

Dr Komal Sharma, President, Resident Doctors Association, Dr Hedgewar Hospital, told DTMT that some advocates were attacking the security guard over an issue of parking while one of the doctors at the hospital was making a video of the incident.

"On seeing this,  they (advocates) attacked the doctor who was making the video, " said Dr Sharma.

Dr Ajay Lekhi, Past President, Delhi Medical Association, who came to meet resident doctors and Medical Superintendent Dr Sushil Kumar, informed that two advocates came for treatment of a patient in emergency.

"They wanted to seek quick treatment but doctors were busy managing other patients. Meanwhile, some advocates  who came with the patient were parking their scooty outside the emergency which was objected to by the security guard. This did not go down well with them and they assaulted the security guard," he added.

After hearing shouts and arguments, four doctors deputed at emergency and security guards came out. "Meanwhile, a mob of advocates, including females, came from nearby Karkarduma Court and assaulted four doctors severely. All this is visible in CCTV camera footage. One doctor is serious, " he said.

Dr Lekhi asked how young doctors can work in such a condition. These resident doctors are the backbone of healthcare services. If they are hurt in such a way, how would they work. There was talk of deploying bouncers but that did not happen,  he added.

"I have urged hospital MS for institutional FIR for which he has agreed. The doctors have demanded the arrest of those who assaulted doctors and deployment of bouncers to protect them from attacks, he said.

"We will also speak to Delhi Medical Council President and Registrar to improve the security. We have also appealed to Bar Council to feel sorry for this," said Dr Lekhi.


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