Ayush Ministry junks claim made by NICE on COVID-19 treatment protocol

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Priyanka Tanwer

The Central government on July 29, 2021 rubbished the claims by Network of Influenza Care Experts (NICE) on the COVID-19 treatment protocol and termed it as “baseless”.

“Some misleading claims have been made by a naturopathy related network Influenza Care Experts (NICE) and have been published by some media platforms without journalistic verification,” the Ayush Ministry stated.

“The main claim is regarding developing a protocol of treatment of COVID-19 that has been approved by the Ministry of Ayush. The claimant has unethically and misleadingly attributed Ministry of Ayush’s approval to it. The Ministry of Ayush strongly denies all such claims of NICE and considers the publication of related news as completely misleading and baseless,” it added.

The Ayush Ministry further clarified that NICE, has not submitted any application for the so-called protocol to it.

“If any proposal related with COVID-19 treatment and management is submitted to the Ministry by NICE, it will get it thoroughly examined by the Interdisciplinary Technical Review Committee (ITRC),” the ministry said.

“The committee has a well-established and rigorous scientific screening process for such validation. Without the approval of this committee, no Ayush streams related agency can claim to have developed a protocol,” it added.


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