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Rajasthan Govt. asks nurses to see patients, give allopathic drugs

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NEW DELHI: The striking doctors in Rajasthan are only losing their monopoly over prescription of allopathic drugs.

In a unique move, the Rajasthan Government has ordered nurses in government institutions to work as doctors and give primary treatment to the patients visiting OPDs/IPDs.

In its office order dated November 9, 2017, chief medical officer, state health department, said, “After all allopathic doctors have submitted their resignations, nurses Grade-I, II (senior most) in the community/primary health centers can prescribe medicines or provide primary treatment.”

It further said, “All visiting patients should be given sufficient medicines and if necessary they should be referred to the higher health centre.”

The order said, “The facility of ambulance 108/104 service should continue for the patients as earlier.”

With the stern order, the CMO said, “It should be ensured that no patient goes home without treatment from the health centers of any district of the state. Send all information of IPD/OPD to the control room of this office as given earlier till the striking doctors resume their duties.”

The health services in Rajasthan have been hit after government doctors in the state went on strike over various demands.

The agitating doctors are associated with the All Rajasthan State In-Service Doctors Association.

Meanwhile, doctors associated with various associations said that no one other than a qualified and registered medical practitioner can prescribe medicines or provide primary treatment. If someone else does this, then it is called quackery.

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