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Max hospital case: Baby boy dies in Pitampura hospital

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Despite the most adverse circumstances created for the baby by Max Hospital, which packed him in a plastic bag and did not give any treatment in the first few golden hours, the baby survived for six whole days. Could he have been saved if treatment was given?

The baby boy, who was declared dead when he was actually alive by doctors of Delhi’s Shalimar Bagh Max Hospital, has died during treatment in Aggarwal Hospital, Pitampura.

It may be noted that the Max hospital doctors declared the baby boy dead packed the 'body' in a plastic bag and handed it to the family.

The movement by the baby in the packed bag was noted when he was about to be cremated. The family members rushed and admitted him in Aggarwal hospital.  

The panel formed by the Delhi government to look into the case found that Max doctors wrongly declared him dead and they did not follow prescribed medical norms in dealing with newborn babies.

According to the report, doctors did not conduct ECG test to check whether the baby was alive or dead. The services of doctors who declared him dead were already terminated by the Max hospital.

It is a moot point whether the baby could have survived had the Max Hospital taken full care of him immediately after birth. After all, the newborn survived for six days even after the most life-threatening conditions created for him by Max Hospital, which packed him in a plastic bag, without any treatment. The crucial golden hours of treatment were thus lost.

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