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Max case: Media tarnishes image of doctor with similar name

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NEW DELHI: Dr Vishal Nidhi Sharma has a name which is similar to the Max hospital doctor who wrongly declared a newborn dead. So, by mistake, the media has been running his photo as the guilty doctor, which has cause great trauma to the innocent doctor.

Dr Vishal Nidhi Sharma, Senior Consultant Cardiac-Anesthesia, who left the Max Super Speciality Hospital in Shalimar Bagh, Delhi, last year, has written to Dr KK Aggarwal, National IMA President, saying that he was being wrongly projected by the media in the hospital twin pregnancy case.

He said, “As my first name happens to be similar to the treating doctor at Max hospital, Shalimar Bagh, and I had worked in the same hospital earlier, the media have picked up my name and photograph and run it on the national news channels without authenticating my credentials.”

To further clarify the matter, my name is Dr Vishal Nidhi Sharma and the attending pediatrician doctor of this case is Dr Vishal Gupta.

“The media have run clips with my photograph and name and held me as the accused doctor in the above mentioned case,” he added.

Dr Sharma said, “This has brought huge embarrassment, humiliation, mental trauma to me and tarnished my image in the society. Me and my family have been under tremendous stress and I even fear stepping out of my house for threat to my life.”

He has requested IMA, “Please bring it to the attention of the media to stop airing these unauthenticated clips with immediate effect and run an apology for the same.”

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