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"A murder", says Haryana Govt. in Fortis dengue death

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CHANDIGARH: The massive bill raised by Fortis Hospital included profit of over 1700% on some consumables, even as the patient died.

A three-member panel formed by the Haryana health department has found gross negligence by the Fortis Medical Research Institute, Gurugram, causing the death of a seven-year-old girl suffering from dengue.

Haryana health minister Anil Vij said, “There were many irregularities, unethical practices and the protocol for treatment and medical duties was not followed.”

Justifying the panel report he said, “In simple words, it was not a death, it was a murder.”

Vij said, “The patient was administered a costly injection on most occasions, which costs Rs 3,112, whereas a substitute worth Rs 499 was available.”

He alleged, "The Fortis hospital made a hefty profit on medicines given, which works out to 108 per cent, and for some consumables it is as high as 1737 per cent."

The health minister said, “We are going to lodge an FIR against the hospital management for medical negligence and the license of its blood bank will be cancelled. We will also write to the Medical Council of India to cancel the licence of the hospital.”

The Haryana Urban Development Authority will be asked to explore the possibilities for cancellation of lease of land given to the hospital, he added.

The panel led by director general of health had been formed to look into charges of foul play in the diagnosis and inflated bill that Adya’s parents — Jayant Singh and Deepti — had levelled against the Gurugram hospital.

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