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Blindness, eye infections rampant in Telangana

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Inkeshaf Ahmed
Diabetes has emerged as the biggest cause of eye problems in Telangana.

As many as seven percent children in Telangana are found to be suffering from congenital blindness or serious eye related infections. This has been revealed in a survey conducted by the state government.

A concerned state government is holding blindness eradication programs across Telangana. It has selected a total 525 villages in Mahbubnagar, Gadwal, Wanaparthy, Nagarkurnool, Warangal Urban, Warangal Rural, Bhupalapalle, Jangaon, Mahbubabad and Nirmal districts to hold the programs.

The programs have commenced in all the selected districts. According to the authorities, around one percent of the urban dwellers and 1.6 percent rural dwellers are becoming victims of blindness. It was also revealed that lack of consumption of nutritious food by pregnant women is the biggest cause of congenital blindness among the newborns.

Official statistics of the state government reveal that of the 5,44,469 students who underwent eye tests during 2014-15,  as many as 24,947 were found to be suffering from eye related ailments. The number went up in the following year 2015-16 when of the 6,53,156 students who underwent eye tests, 40,264 were found to be suffering from eye infections.

If we include the all categories of people, the total percentage of people suffering from eye infections goes up to 24 percent in Telangana.

Diabetes has emerged as the biggest threat for eye infections. According to the Telangana state blindness eradication program statistics, seven percent of the total victims of eye infections are also suffering diabetic retinopathy. It is found that patients above the age of 40 years are suffering from glaucoma.

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