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Indian Govt. detects 34 thousand leprosy cases in 20 days

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NEW DELHI: An action plan has been prepared by the Indian government to eliminate leprosy by 2018.

An intensified leprosy cases detection programme, conducted by the Union Health Ministry in 163 districts across 20 states over 20 days recently, identified 5.5 lakh suspects out of which more than 34000 cases of leprosy have been confirmed.

Dr Anil Kumar, deputy director-general, National Leprosy Elimination Programme (NLEP) told DTMT, “The Government has prepared an action plan to eliminate leprosy by 2018 and the next five year plan  focuses on reducing the burden of leprosy and sustaining leprosy control activities.”

He said that for making a leprosy free India, the government has introduced and launched Leprosy Awareness Campaign to reduce stigma and discrimination, wherein nationwide Gram Sabhas were organized.

During the campaign ASHA workers will detect and report suspected leprosy cases in the community, he added.

Dr Kumar stated, “Development of Mathematical model will help in predicting future projections of leprosy cases and Grade II disability, deciding on best available intervention to achieve our objectives in a cost-effective manner.”

He also said that a web-based training portal would be used for training doctors and paramedical staff with the support of online power-point presentations, E-Notes, E-Modules, Questions and Answers, Case studies and video-clips etc.

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