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Patient given antiseptic instead of cough syrup in W. Bengal hospital

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The patient and his family did not know how to read English, and so he consumed the whole bottle of antiseptic in the prescribed dosage, thinking that it was cough syrup.

Sudhir Samanta, an old man from Mahishadal in West Bengal, had furious fits of coughing. His family admitted him to the Basulia Rural Hospital in Midnapore, which is 150 km from Kolkata.

Sudhir was in a pretty bad shape spitting bloody sputum. Doctors conducted a few tests and gave him a cough syrup to be taken daily.

Once his first phial was over, he went to a chemist to buy the second one. There he learnt that the hospital had given him an antiseptic lotion instead of a cough syrup and he had consumed a full bottle.

The Block Medical Officer of Health (BMOH), Mohanchander Ghorai of the rural hospital is being blamed since he was the one who wrote the prescription. It has been alleged that Sudhir was handed a bottle of Povidone-Iodine lotion from the hospital dispensary.

Neither the patient nor his family knew how to read English. He drank a whole bottle of antiseptic which was only meant to be applied externally.

Nabakumar Samanta, Sudhir’s son, said that his father followed whatever the doctor directed him to do and consumed the bottle according to the dosage suggested by doctor. Nobody suspected that there could be antiseptic lotion in the bottle as it was prescribed by the hospital itself. His family immediately took him to the hospital.

The BMOH, finding himself in trouble, has promised to bear the expenses for Sudhir’s treatment, but is not yet ready to acknowledge his mistake.

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