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Drug trafficking up 40% in national capital: Delhi Police

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NEW DELHI: The year 2017 has seen a huge jump in the seizures of all types of psychotropic substances in Delhi, indicating the manner in which drug abuse is taking hold on the national capital.

A whopping 362 cases of drug trafficking were reported in the national capital in 2017 as compared to the 289 in 2016 - an increase of 40 per cent, according to the Delhi Police annual report released on January 11, 2017.

Delhi Police commissioner Amulya Patnaik said the sudden increase was because of online filing of cases and as the police have become more sensitive towards the issue.

"Our men sincerely investigated every case and tried to solve it at the earliest," Patnaik told the media.

The Delhi Police made 491 arrests under the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act in 2017— which is roughly a 40 per cent increase in the number of arrests made by them in 2016. As many as 370 arrests were made in 2016.

At least 51581 Kg smack/heroin was recovered in 2017, while the quantity was 24683 kg in 2016. The recovered amount of ganja touched 4629 Kg and 2445.97 kg respectively in 2016 and 2017.

The recovered amount of cocaine increased from 1142 kg to 1483 kg in 2017. A whopping 58483 kg of charas was recovered in 2017  while this quantity was 29540 kg in 2016.

A total of 25.852 kg party drug meow-meow was recovered in 2017, an increase of 70 percent from the 14.250 kg in 2016.

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