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Prisoners in Kerala can now donate organs

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The prisoners in Kerala can now donate organs for the benefit of close relatives.

After hearing about the resolve of P Sukumaran, a convict serving life sentence in jail, to donate one of his kidneys, the Kerala government has taken a decision to allow organ donation by prisoners.

However, the patient for whom Sukumaran wished to donate his kidney died before the decision was declared.

Prisoners in the Kerala's jails can donate organs to their close relatives, but with certain conditions. This decision was taken by the Kerala Government at a cabinet meeting chaired by Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan.

Organ donation can be made by the prisoners for their close relatives only. Also, they have to take sanction from concerned court and medical board, which had convicted the prisoner for any such organ donation.

There will be some amendments in the Kerala Prisons and Correctional Services (Management) Act-2014, to make this decision operational. The time that the prisoner will spend in the hospital will be considered as parole period and the jail authorities will pay for all the expenses.

It was made very clear that ‘no relaxation in prison term’ will be provided for the prisoners who have donated any organ.

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