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Woman delivers in open in Gurugram: Doc, nurse suspended

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The incident underlines the apathy that rules India's health care system.

In a case having far reaching ramifications, a woman delivered her child at a cycle stand outside Gurugram's Civil Hospital after she was turned away by the hospital for not having the original copy of her Aadhar Card. Naturally, with the Aadhar itself being a subject of much controversy, there was an immediate panic and the doctor and nurse have been placed under suspension.

It seems that the pregnant woman was turned away by the Radiologist who conducts the ultrasound despite the fact that she was referred by the on duty medical officer in the emergency ward.

The woman arrived at the hospital with Bablu, her husband, at 9am on February 9, 2018, and had to run from pillar to post for getting the medical attention that she badly required. But she remained unattended by the medical staff of the hospital for a full two hours.

It is reported that Bablu had the Aadhar card number but the radiologist demanded the original. Bablu also had his original voter ID, but that did not move the radiologist.

Left with no option, Bablu went back home to get the Aadhar card. However, that took two crucial hours and the woman remained unattended without any medical help. She delivered a baby girl at the cycle stand in unhygienic and distressing conditions.

Noting the ordeal of the woman, her relatives and attendants of other women went to her and created a curtain with bed sheets and shawls.

The on duty medical officer and attending nurse who took the woman to the ultrasound room have been suspended. However, no action has been taken against the radiologist as no complaint was filed.

Dr Pradeep Sharma, Principal Medical Officer, Gurugram, informed the media that the condition of the woman required immediate medical help but she was sent for ultrasound. Dr Sharma added that this delayed her delivery which could have been fatal for the woman.

He said that both the on duty medical officer and the nurse accompanying her have been suspended.

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