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Deworming drug is safe and effective: Nadda

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GURUGRAM: 322 million children will be dewormed in the February round of deworming across India this year.

Health Minister J P Nadda has said that the deworming tablets administered to millions of children as part of the nation-wide de-worming campaign are a ''safe and effective drug'' for treatment of worms.

Launching the National Deworming Day programme in Gurugram on February 10, 2018, the Health Minister said, “Worm infections in children might seem like a small and insignificant problem but the impact that these infections have is debilitating to children.”

Nadda said, “This year Government of India aims to reach more than 32.2 crore children in the February round of deworming.”

“Over 2.8 crore children are born every year of which 2.6 crore children are administered 12 different types of vaccines. That is the power of our country and the reach of the programmes we run across the length and the breadth of the country,” Nadda added’

Lauding the role of health workers he said, “I salute every health worker who is instrumental in making our programmes a success.”

Nadda maintained that deworming has been shown to reduce absenteeism in schools, improve health, nutrition, and learning outcomes and increase the likelihood of higher-wage jobs later in life.

Under this program all children aged 1-19 are given the Albendazole deworming tablet in their school and Anganwadis. Last year, 25.6 crore children in the February round and 22.8 crore children in the August round were successfully reached with deworming treatment on National Deworming Day.

Having conducted five rounds of National Deworming Day since February 2015, the mass deworming program aims to reach all children at schools and anganwadis with the deworming treatment. Any child not dewormed on National Deworming Day due to absenteeism or sickness, will be dewormed on mop-up day, February 15.

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