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Suicide by patient after GB Pant hospital refuses admission

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NEW DELHI: The admission was refused apparently because no bed was free.

In a tragic incident, a 19-year-old boy from Bareilly, suffering from acute heart disease, allegedly committed suicide because he was denied admission in G B Pant Hospital, Delhi.

Ajay Kumar was taken on February 5, 2018, to G B Pant hospital. Doctors in the hospital refused admission to him because there was no critical-care bed free. At that time, he was vomiting constantly.

After Ajay was  turned away from the hospital, he went with his brother to a friend's house in Seelampur, Delhi, and planned to try once again to get admitted.

But the next day, Ajay Kumar was found lying in a pool of blood apparently after falling from the fourth floor of his friend’s house where he was staying with other family members.

Recently, after being denied admission in GB Pant Hospital, a 13-year-old critical heart patient’s father had moved the Delhi High Court.

After hearing the matter, Delhi HC directed the hospital to immediately admit the patient Jasmeen and provide her treatment free of cost.

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