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ID not mandatory in Haryana hospitals for emergency treatment

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All government hospitals in Haryana will render emergency treatment to patients and will not insist on identification proof before commencing treatment.

Taking serious note of a woman recently delivering a baby at the cycle stand in the Gurugram Civil hospital after she was denied admission for not producing the original Aadhar Card, the Haryana government has clarified that patients can get treatment without showing any identity card in an emergency situation.  

The Director General of Health Service (DGHS) Haryana, in a letter to medical heads of the all state-run hospitals, has said that Aadhar Card is not mandatory for seeking treatment but it is required to show any identity card. But in emergency situation, it is not mandatory to show any identity card.

The DGHS has directed all the hospital heads that there should not be  any delay in provision of treatment if the patient does not have an ID card.

He added that doctors must provide treatment and diagnostic tests to seriously injured or ill patients and should do file work after the treatment.

“If any official or doctor does not follow the procedure, then he will be liable for appropriate action,” warns the DGHS in the letter.

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