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Mumbai's One Rupee Clinics to sell medicines to HIV patients

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MUMBAI: The One Rupee Clinic located at Mankhurd Railway station has proposed a plan to distribute HIV medicines at various central line railway stations in Mumbai city.

Dr Shrikala Acharya, spokesperson and additional project director of Mumbai District Aids Control Society (MDACS), said, “Once we get an approval for the project, we will plan to start distributing the medicines will the help of the One Rupee Clinics. Earlier, we have also tied up with them to start an HIV testing initiative at a railway station.”

“If the project works out, we will be given a list of HIV-positive patients to whom the medicines need to be distributed. Our pharmacies will be a health center for them to take away their medicines rather than traveling to health centers,” said Dr Rahul Ghule, founder of One Rupee Clinic.

At its Mankhurd Railway Station project 19 patients were tested for HIV within two months. All were tested negative.

Dr Ghule  said, “We will soon start the HIV testing initiative at our Sion One Rupee Clinic too and slowly extend it to other stations.”

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