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Guntur: Diarrhoea, cholera claim 10 lives in 3 days

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 Inkeshaf Ahmed
An emergency situation has arisen due to rampant diarrhoea and cholera in Gutur due to sewerage water getting mixed up with piped drinking water.

Diseases like diarrhoea and cholera have claimed ten lives in just three days in the Guntur district of Andhra Pradesh.

These diseases also left several hundreds of people admitted in different private and government hospitals of the district.

As many as seven people died on a single day and as many as 370 people were admitted in different hospitals of the district.

The dead have been identified as Adapala Venkat Rao, Chinna Samrajyam, S. Chinabalakotireddy, Ghouse and three others. The incident has created anxiety across the state and prompted two ministers to rush to Guntur district government hospital.

State Minister Pulla Rao has said that five people died in the government hospital and 98 were undergoing treatment at the hospital. He added that scores of others were undergoing treatment at several other private hospitals. The minister went on to state that the situation took place due to the polluted drinking water mixed with sewage water. Minister Rao announced an exgratia payment of Rs. five lakh to the next to kin of the victims.

“We have constituted a three member Doctors' Committee to identify the actual victims of polluted water. The family members of such victims will alone get the already announced compensation of Rs. five lakh. The victims who are above the age of ten years will get Rs. five lakhs as compensation and those below the age of ten years will get Rs. two lakh as compensation from the state government,” he said.

The Health and Medical department officials of the district have sprung into action and conducted door to door survey and found that 650 people from the town were affected by the menace. The staff of the civic body have visited 19,000 houses in Guntur and gathered the details of 78,600 residents of the houses. The state government has constituted two high level committees to inquire into the issues.

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