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Manipur: 291,068 children immunized against polio in 1 day

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 Deepika Rana
On the first day of the Intensified Pulse Polio Immunisation (IPPI) Phase II, 291,068 children were given polio drops in 3618 booths in different districts of Manipur. Around 14,472 vaccinators, 723 supervisors and 11 state observers provided assistance in conducting the immunization programme.

The program was launched by the State Family Welfare Services Department and was inaugurated by the State Health Minister L Jayantakumar, Additional Health Director Dr H Ranjit, and Additional Health Services Director Dr S Manikanta.

The oral polio vaccine protects against poliomyelitis (polio), an infectious disease that spreads through oral-fecal route and degenerates the nervous system, mainly the lower extremities.

Minister Jayantakumar said that everyone should participate in the world’s polio eradication mission and precautionary measures should be taken to stop spread from foreign countries such as Myanmar and Bangladesh.

The minister added that the only effective preventive measure against polio is maintenance of high polio immunization levels. He also cautioned against any bid to determine gender of the baby through ultrasound or through other illegal means.

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