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SC: Govt. servants can get treatment non CGHS hospitals

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If a government servant or pensioner gets treated in a non-CGHS-empaneled hospital, the full cost of treatment will be reimbursed.

Now government employees can get treatment from private hospitals which are not empaneled under the Central Government Health Scheme (CGHS).

The ruling has come from the Supreme Court hearing a PIL of a former revenue officer who was denied reimbursement by the government as the Mumbai hospital in which he was treated was not listed under CGHS.

The hospital had raised a Rs 13.8 lakh medical bill for his heart ailment. After repeated representations to the government, an amount of Rs 5.84 lakh was reimbursed to him. He approached the SC for full reimbursement.

The SC has ruled that reimbursement cannot be denied to government employee patients even if they received treatment in a hospital not empaneled under the plan.

The bench hearing the case held that no restriction can be placed on rights of government employees during their lifetime to get the best medical treatment.

The government had said that reimbursement must be done on the basis of fixed rates under the plan and that hospitals which are not empaneled charge high amounts for treatment.

The SC ruling will give major relief to government servants and pensioners as many of them are deprived of diagnostics and treatment in hospitals which are not in CGHS panel.

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