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Rajasthan includes Yoga in administrative service exams

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If you wish to be an officer in the Rajasthan government, you will have to have detailed knowledge of Yoga. The state government of Rajasthan has included a paper on Yoga in the main exam.

This was recently announced by the Rajasthan Public Service Commission which conducts the exam every year. The move to include Yoga in the state’s reputed exam pattern is seen as promotion of India’s ancient practice.

Candidates appearing in the main exam will have to answer how Yoga is a positive way of life.

This is the first time that Yoga has been included in the main exams. The Rajasthan government will conduct the state exam for 405 administrative posts and 575 allied services posts.

Yoga is said to promote relaxation, reduce stress, increase stamina, and improve life. Some independent studies indicate that Yoga could be useful in addition to other treatment in schizophrenia, a mental disorder.

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